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Barkery FAQ 

Here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions I get about my puppies, AND important dates for all of My Barkery's most memorable moments! I've been building my brand from scratch since 2015, its mentally hard to keep up with everything. This will help until I get my team! 

Puppies Sold | Meet & Greets| Pop Ups 

I tried my best to match dates with names. If I made a mistake or you got left out, it wasn't intentional. Hit me up and remind me to correct it.


Dhyll Family, 1/22/22

1st Litter, Male Pup

2 Puppies
1st litter

Fomby Family

Meet & Greet 1/30/22

Pick Up 2/13/22


Miss Crystal, 3/4/22

1st Litter, Female Pup 

Kim (Glacier)


2nd Litter, Female Pup




2nd Litter, Male Pup


Free Puppy Giveaway!



2nd Litter


Free Puppy Giveaway!



2nd Litter

Halloween Pop Up

2nd Litter


1st Litter, 2yrs Old

Surrender & Adoption

Cleveland Animal Protective League


  1. Are your puppies neutered or spayed? 
    No, I think that's a decison for the parents to make.

  2. Are your puppies vaccinated? Yes, all of my available puppies or dogs will not be sold without their current shots

  3. Can I meet the entire litter? Yes, just schedule a Puppy Meet & Greet with me via site, email or phone

  4. What is a Meet & Greet? Inspired by my time spent at Disney World Resorts...Its a scheduled appointment for me to meet my potential customers and for them to meet and interact with my available puppies. It weeds out the serious inquiries only....

  5. Can I meet the parents? Only Alek, the Sire of my Litters. But you have to pay the Meet & Greet Fee 

  6. How long have you been breeding? Two Years! Ana & Alek got pregnant with their 1st litter Dec 2021. I've been caring for Ana since she was given to me when she was born Dec 2018. So I have 6 yrs experience as a Bully Dog Mom altogether. 

  7. Do you socialize your puppies?  Yes. From birth to 1yr old. I make it a point to allow people and children to play with my puppies during Meet & Greets and Pop Ups. 

  8. What age can I take my puppy home? Only after 8wks can the puppies be taken home. They must stay with the Dam until then. 

  9. Are the puppies dewormed? Yes. All puppies are born with worms, but I make sure they're good before leaving my care.

  10. Can I return my puppy? No Returns or Refunds! All sales final

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