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Bakery FAQ

Here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions I get about My Bakery Services! 

Vendor Inquiries l Mobile Pop Ups

  1. How long have you been baking professionally? 9 yrs!

  2. Do you offer Custom Services? NO, for a long time I did, but not anymore....

  3. How long have you been a Food Vendor? Since 2015...

  4. How many Festivals & Events have you participated in?  Over 25, multiple times throughout Cleveland

  5. How many Mobile Shoppe Pop Ups have you done? 2021 I became a legal street vendor for the City of Cleveland. Over a span of Two years I consistently popped up at various college campuses like Cleveland State U & Case Western Reserve. I tailgated a couple NFL Browns Games and posted up a couple times at Denison Food Mart!

  6. Do you still participate in Festivals & Private Events? Currently no, in the future maybe. I'm currently in need of a team. I'm not getting back out there until I've found my tribe!

  7. How do you negotiate Vendor Fees? If I was invited to participate in an event, then I request the Coordinator waive the Vendor Fee. If I initially reached out to them, then I'll pay the fee. 

  8. How many times have your Bakery been on the News? Two! First time was Market Districts 2016 Fabulous Food Show! Second time was 2020, Fox 8 New Day Cleveland!

  9. When did you purchase your Mobile Bakery Shoppe? 2019 overseas from China! Humanaitech...

  10. How many Food Shoppes do you have? Two! I purchased the 2nd one in 2022. Its a Bistro Food Trailer! Its currently still in China! 

  11. What kind of Bakery items do you bake and create? I'm mostly known for my Roll Out Sugar Cookies and Cupcakes! But after I opened my mobile shoppe I perfected the Funnel Cake, and created an entire menu! I dabble with Macarons and Donuts to add flair to my Treat Boxes! 

Street Vending Resume

Market District's Fabulous Food Show  

                    2016, IX Center 

Black Owned Showcase 

                    2017, S.M.Y.L.E INC, East Cleveland OH

Today's Bride Bridal Show

                   2018 & 2019, IX Center

PMA Bridal Show

                   2018, East Cleveland OH

Light Up Lakewood: Christmas Festival & Parade

                    2016 & 2017, Lakewood OH

Wade Oval Holiday Market 

                    2017,Cleveland Art Museum District

OSU Midwest Greek Weekend

                    2017, Ohio State Columbus OH

Woodhill Ward 4 Community Festival 

                    2017 Luke Easter Park

Bedford City Market 

                    2017, Bed Square Park

Glenville Community Festival

                   2017, Sam Miller Park 

The Green Patch Psychic Fair

                   2017, Retail & Real Estate Company

Buckeye Soul Festival 

                    2017, Cleveland OH

Urban NEO Cycle Fest 

                    2017, Edge Water Park 

Tri-C Jazz Fest 

                    2019, Cleveland Theatre District 

Crocker Park Food Market 

                    2020 & 2021 North Union's Farmers Market

Crocker Park Holiday Market 

                    2020 Crocker Park Mall 

Roller Skate Party 

                    2021, United Skates Euclid OH 

Wildwoods Fine Arts & Wine Fest 

                   2021 Mentor OH, Wildwood Cultural Center 

Bexley Bash 

                   2021, Bexley Park, South Euclid OH

Rock The Block

                   2021, BLOCK PARTY South Euclid OH 

Cleveland State University 

                  2021 Campus Pop Up 

Case Western Reserve 

                  Campus Pop Up 

NFL Browns Game

                  2021 Tailgate Pop Up

Denison Food Mart 

                  2021 Cleveland Westside, Corner Store Pop Up 

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