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Designer PIT PUPPIES!!!

Designer Pits
Designer Pits

Thank you to everyone that Purchased OR Procured Pups from Ana & Alek's 2nd Litter! You guys helped lay the foundation for BOSSY BARKERY!!!!

Each puppy comes with their current vaccinations and a PET PORTFOLIO! 

included in each

~ a
Pet Passport, I get directly from the Vet. 
Pet Resume, created by me
PITTIE Pup Pointers

is Currently Available for Purchase

Max 15 mths
Corso Pit Mom

Corso Pit Mom

Anastasia is a Corso Pit. Half Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) and half American Pit Terrier. She's a designer breed, the opposite of a toy dog. 

Corso Pits are highly intelligent, excellent guard dogs, eager to please but also prone to aggression.

But with early socialization and proper training they are the most loyal & sweetest things.

Red Nose & Blue Nose Father

Red & Blue Nose Father

Alek the father is a Brindle American Pit Terrier. His mom is a Pure Bred Red Nose & his dad is a Pure Bred Blue Nose.

Alek was the only brindled boy out of his litter, and the biggest pup!

He's a beauty. Really strong and the sweetest thing ever. Most likey cause I shower him with love.

Aleks Sire and Dam

2nd Litter

Bath Time

Contact me directly to schedule a PUPPY MEET & GREET & to put down a deposit.



216-205-4545 (call me)

Sold at 11 wks!
Kim Sold

1st Litter

1st Litter
1st Litter
1st Litter
Bossy Bunch
1st litter
Puppy Give Away
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