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Gourmet Cookies!

My gourmet sugar cookies are custom made to fit your needs and event themeThe price will increase base on size & design intricacies.



          1 dozen minimum purchase                    plus shipping & handling

                     Solid  $5

            1 color, minor accents

                   Detailed $7  

     2-3 colors, sprinkles, glitter..etc

             Extensive Detail $9

    plaques, writing, buttercream etc




ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Bossy Bakery is not liable for any damage that may occur during transit once the order has left our possession. You are encouraged to order extra cookies. Please handle with care. No Refunds for personal damage! 

Due to Covid 19, pick up options are discontinued until further notice. 

Local Delivery Only. 

Shipping options are available for out of state clients.

Peppa Pig Birthday

Cartoon character cookies are always a great party choice! Imagine the look on your kids face if you surprised them with a batch from their favorite show...youd be parent of the year! Hit up Chef Bossy for more character options

Peppa Pigs Family

Unless otherwise requested, each cookie is individually packaged, and then place in a box.

Its A Girl Baby Shower
Its A Girl Baby Shower Minis
Cookie Bouquet_ Red Roses
Cookie Bouquet: Yellow Roses
Cookie Bouquet_ White Roses
Cookie Bouquet: Blue Roses
Covid 19 Essential Kit
Hot Girl Birthday

This set was created for a 24th birthday celebration. The individual cookie designs were picked based off the personal taste of the b-day girl. She loves pink, lipstick, weed & a glass full!

Hearts And Unicorns

Roll me in fairy dust & call me a Unicorn! This set is perfect for Valentines Day or a little girls bday bash.

70th Birthday

These were created for a special 70th birthday bash. Such a blessing to get that old. I felt honored being apart of such an important event.

New Years Eve
Merry Christmas

No need to explain whats already understood.

Thanksgiving Coffee Cup/Mug

These cookies are just the cutest. The pumpkin shaped mugs are my fav pumpkin design.

Boogie's 1st Birthday!

Are you a Disney buff? Yea who isn't right? This beautiful Minnie Mouse set was made for my youngest niece 1st bday. It was 3 different cookie dough flavors...(check out the flavors tab for more) The adults at the party ate all the cookies & didnt even share with the babies. But this set can be customized for any age. I can also inspire myself to create a more mature version.

1st Bday Construction Cookies

What do little boys like? Trucks, Tools & Sugar!! This was created for a baby boy named Lailan's first birthday. Check out the matching cupcakes under the cupcakes tab....Im pretty sure his party was litty!

Lailan's 1st Birthday

On a personal note Im head over heels in love with the pavement #1 cookies in this set! How can you not be? This construction set can be customized to fit your needs...

Mallory's Beauty Essentials

Mallory is a real person lol I named this set after her. She's super girly and she loves makeup. She adored this set and her only complaint was that I didn't send her more! If you know a hotgirl with pretty swag, show her these and tell her about me.

Mallory's Handbag

Are you a handbag kinda girl? Well I am! I really enjoyed baking and decorating this cookie set. The cutters had been collecting dust for months, so I jumped at the chance to use them. All of my handbags hang off the back of my door and they have to be authentic leather. I cant rock anything less. These cookie colors are exactly my style type.

Midas Cocks!

Not every guy has a golden dick, but I'm sure every female has a golden cock story! My cock cookies are just as epic, they may leave you dickmatized, but never regretful & stupid. Order a batch for your next girls night out!

Classy Cocks!

Cockadoodledoo! Dont go to the party empty handed if you know what I mean. Great for bachelorette parties!

Rose Gold Cocks!

A personal fav, these vintage looking cocks are life! Kinky & Kute, these tasty beauties are detailed & handmade with enthusiasm & love!

Big Black Cocks!

Great for bachelorette or passion parties! Girls just wanna have fun & I'll help make it happen!

Doughnut Cookies!
Donut ever stop believing!
Sno Cones!
Cookies N Cream Ice cream!
Strawberry Social!
Earth Day Cookies
Gold Africa Cookie
Ghana Flag Hearts
Ghana Flag of Africa
Cinco De Mayo -Chilli Pepper!
Cookies N Cream Dreams

A cookie & a cupcake?

Ice Cream Cone!
Custom Packaging

All of Bossy Bakery's cookies are individually wrapped & package according to specific needs.

Easter Basket Cookie 2019
Blue Peep 2019
Pink Peep 2019
Easter Bunny Cookie 2019
Easter Egg Cookie
Easter Egg Cookie  2019
easter set 2019
St Patricks 2019!
Luck Of The Irish!
Cock Cookies
Chef Girl V

All of my custom sugar cookies are fully handmade from scratch. My recipes are unmatched. Book a cookie tasting now!

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