Gourmet Cookies!

My gourmet sugar cookies are custom made to fit your needs and event themeThe price will increase base on size & design intricacies.



          1 dozen minimum purchase                    plus shipping & handling

                     Solid  $5

            1 color, minor accents

                   Detailed $7  

     2-3 colors, sprinkles, glitter..etc

             Extensive Detail $9

    plaques, writing, buttercream etc




ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Bossy Bakery is not liable for any damage that may occur during transit once the order has left our possession. You are encouraged to order extra cookies. Please handle with care. No Refunds for personal damage! 

Due to Covid 19, pick up options are discontinued until further notice. 

Local Delivery Only. 

Shipping options are available for out of state clients.

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