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Welcome to all. If you made it to my website then you already know who I am. But allow me to re-introduce myself. 

I'm THE BOSS, CEO & Creator of Bossy Bakery Boutique.

I am many things & I wear many hats.

In real life, I'm cute & quirky

I love to drive, love food, and love animals.

I dedicated the best years of my life to the hospitality industry & serving others.

I have a BS in Hospitality Management from Kent State University. 

KSU is where I obtained my CDL and started driving buses.

During my time in college, I was recruited by a scout to work and live at the Walt Disney World Resorts.

I was sent to Florida to participate in the Disneys College Internship Program. I worked in the Transportation Department and took a couple courses at Disney University, with a focus geared towards Hospitality Management.

Throughout the years I've been fortunate enough to work in multiple sectors of the hospitality industry and travel all over this beautiful country.

I've worked and lived in hotels, restaurants, and resorts all over America.

I even got a chance to work and live in Yellowstone National Park for a moment in time!

I represent the people with the ability and good sense to create something out of nothing. The dope souls that do it without reservation because we couldn't care less about what a mf thinks!

Because I promoted my bakery on social media a billion times, I am now WORLD FAMOUS.

Being a black woman of excellence, has made me a target....

Many influential parties have tried to steal and sabotage my reputation and brand.

The most famous woman in the world put a whole hit out on me, for not paying homage to her. 

My life is crazy....and in more ways than one, I'm fighting to survive.

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