Gourmet desserts made for a BOSS!

The BOSSY BAKERY is Cleveland's first ever Black Owned Mobile Bakery! It's also the first mobile bakery in Cleveland, to be owned by black female. Right now it's the only mobile bakery in Cleveland to be solely owned by a female Periodt.


All of the desserts are gourmet and made by me CHEF BOSSY. I use the best ingredients I can get my hands on.


Everyone has their own definition of what a Boss is. Mine is simple. I represent the leaders, bonafide hustlers, go-getters, money makers, shot callers, survivors, independent females, educated Kings & Queens that wake up everyday and slay. 


I represent the  people with the ability and good sense to create something out of nothing. The dope souls that do it without reservation because we couldn't care less about what a mf thinks!